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Low Profile
Well designed FCS series model has a relatively lower height of 3 meters. This dimension allows it work in applications with height restrictions.
Transmission System and Fan
The fan motors are TEFC type with IP55 weather proof, Class F insulation. Fans are driven by vee belt and the speed can be adjusted by changing pulleys to meet different requirement. Built-in fan & transmission system can reduce the sound level by covering the whole sound generating units, and larger diameter fan with lower tip speed can also minimize the sound power level from the source.
Distribution System
Open gravity fed water distribution basins with removable cover are made of Stainless Steel (SS304 or SS316) and are designed for non-clogging operation and ease of inspection. Special design diffusion decks are placed on top of filler as a re-distribution layer to ensure full coverage of filler.
High Efficient Filler
Fillers are vacuum formed of 0.4mm (1/64”) thick PVC film. Filler sheets configuration incorporates sloped flutes in both air intake and outlet sections and are high efficient wet deck media. The honeycomb shaped air intake louver section contributes minimum resistance to airflow and prevents ingress of foreign matters. The sloped flutes in the outlet section of filler sheets act as the primary drift eliminators to reduce droplets escaping through the exhaust air stream. Primary drift eliminator ensures drift loss less than 0.005% of circulating water flow. The wet deck media with continuous triangular pattern is specially designed to provide maximum air/water contact and lower resistance ensuring high efficient heat transfer.


Casing Panels and Cold Water Basin
Casing, basins and fan stacks are made of FRP. The smooth and attractive gel-coat is applied on exterior surface for UV protection, chemical resistance and long life. It is light in weight and makes easier for assembly and transportation. Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) or all Stainless Steel (SS304 or SS316) casing and basins instead of FRP are also available.


Steel Structure
All supporting steel members are hot-dip galvanized (HDG) to minimize rust forming and corrosion, ensuring long service life. Stainless steel (SS304 or SS316) hardware

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