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Hollow Type Axial


Motors are TEFC type, IP55 protection & Class F insulation.


Fan and Drive
High performance centrifugal fan is located at the bottom of the cooling tower and driven by Vee belts. It can provide adequate air flow rate for the cooling process at the relative higher static pressure.

Casing and Basin


Casing and Basin
The casing and the basin are constructed of stainless steel or galvanized steel panels.
High Efficient Filler Filler
The special formed PVC filler sheets can provide the best place for heat transfer whilst their frame spread rating is merely 5 as per ASTM E84.

Casing Panels and Cold Water Basin


Spray Nozzle
Special design spray nozzles ensure the spray of water in square pattern and evenly distributed.
Casing Panels and Cold Water Basin
Drift Eliminator
Drift loss less than 0.001% of circulating water flow rate can be achieved by equipping the drift eliminator.

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